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This notice is a result of the reviews we’ve received from many of the nlyght.com readers who claim that they have been victim of fraud / cheated / tricked / provided with poor quality of essay writing services. Even when their customer support is working flawlessly and instantly, the essay writing servicesthat they deliver does not satisfy customers requirements. It has made many subscribers to post reviews/comments on nlyght.com to help others to legibly use such websites.

Owing to this, we advise you to carry on your search for locating a best writing firm that does not have this warning messages and reviews and is actively reviewed by its customers in comments section.

The pages where you are able to find hints on best essay writing firms that are active in company and can keep your trust are the following:

1. Home page of nlyght.com where you are able to get the evaluation of top 5 best writing firms around the world (http://nlyght.com/)

2. Top ten Essay writing companies page (http://nlyght.com/top-10-best-essay-writing-companies)

3. Top ten Research writing companies page (http://nlyght.com/top-10-research-writing-companies)

4. Top ten Dissertation writing companies page (http://nlyght.com/top-10-dissertation-writing-companies)

We don’t entertain any type of unauthentic and private recommendations from some of the writing business and all our reviews and recommendations only adhere to the readers and users reviews/comments of the firms they have used.

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No. of years of expertise

Grandessays.com is the best academic writing service having years of expertise in this company. Grandessays.com offers the custom essay and dissertation services to academic and PhD students. They supply enhanced and bona fide essay writing servicesfor customers. The superiority of the study papers are ensured by choosing each paper independently to offer the most effective solutions.Grandessays.com com writing teams are specialists works for business only, distinct the professional of some other custom writing firms; so the writer assigned to your order will completely deliberate in your project. Their specially trained human resource division vigilantly chooses among writers most knowledgeable in your particular field of study and most capable to produce the high quality exceptional term paper that’ll go beyond your outlook. They provide whole dissertation papers and individual thesis chapter at your judgment. This dedicated service offers you help to some of the parts in your research paper or only editing services for your accomplished dissertation papers. They propose that most of the essay writing firms gives average dissertation papers and dissertation papers from grandessays.com shines in transporting the levels a student needs to complete a dazzling academic career.

Customer Support

This service offers the customer support simply through posts and live chat. Their contact page provides a well developed mailing system, the consumers can contact together with the team members through this mailing system. Academic and PhD students guarantees 24/7 customer support to help their valuable customers. Grandessays.com aim is supplying top quality work to customers. GrandEssays.com is devoted to responsibility to go beyond your outlook and become your preferred option among other custom essay writing firms.


The cost per page begins from $11. This is quite affordable and the students in a position to buy their papers at economical rate. Some of the main feature provided by Grandessays.com is great pricing which is among the very most significant when students are worried. Grandessays.com offers undergraduate dissertation papers that are usually allocated masters dissertation and PhD dissertation papers.

Response to emails

Grandessays.com offers 24/7 assistance to its customers. Answer to emails is ensured by giving direct contact with your writer that’s customers can contact directly using their writer through live chat or by e-mail. Since they supplies the communication largely through the posts, the answer also good. Therefore the customers can know the status of their paper and in a position to give instructions to the writer regarding this issue.

Turnaround Time

The least turnaround time this service needed seriously to complete an order is 6 to 24 hours. This is in the instance of essay writing services and for dissertation writing services the minimal turnaround time is 5days. Thesis or essay writing depends largely on the right of entry to really significant information as opposed to understanding of the writer. Essay writing specialist at Standard essays have right of entry concentrated journals, magazines and latest publications.

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