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This notice is a result of the reviews we have received from many of the nlyght.comas readers who assert they have been victim of fraud / cheated / conned / supplied with inferior quality of essay writing services. Even when their customer support is working flawlessly and immediately, the essay writing servicesthat they deliver doesn’t fulfill customers conditions. This has made many readers to post reviews/feedback on nlyght.com to help others to legibly use such sites.

Owing to this, we recommend you to carry on your search for locating a best writing company that does not have this warning messages and reviews and is actively reviewed by its customers in comments section.

To obtain the best essay writing services, we recommend the following pages. The pages where you can find tips on best essay writing businesses that are active in business and can keep your trust include the following:

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3. Top 10 Dissertation writing companies page (http://nlyght.com/top-10-dissertation-writing-companies)

4. Home page of nlyght.com where you can find the evaluation of top 5 best writing businesses around the world (http://nlyght.com/)

We don’t entertain any kind of unauthentic and private recommendations from some of the writing company and all our reviews and recommendations only stick to the readers and users reviews/feedback of the companies they’ve used.


No. of years of expertise

Online dissertation writing businesses are getting popularity among the students of grade as a remedy for their academic dissertation writings. Exclusivethesis.com is among them which work difficult to meet customers with premium quality outputs for their orders. It’s not clear the year of establishment of the institution nevertheless they have enough expertise to know exactly what a customer wanted. Though the lack of clear advice about the year makes some poor reputation among the customers, they will have numerous long-term customers with complete satisfaction. In the event the company does not give a dissertation prior to the deadline, there’s a money-back guarantee in such conditions.

Customer Support

Support system in Exclusivethesis.com is extremely clearly available to the customers. There are three methods to contact customer care team; one can contact the customers either by telephone or by live chat or by using e-mail. Among these choices live chats is most preferable to get precise aid from your service. This way company offers its customers a nicely bonded communication system so as to ensure help at any given time.

Pricing price per page

Exclusivethesis.com bills an average amount of prices for their services. So we could state that the company supplies class aid to its customers by making normal payments for their service.

Answer to posts

Mailing system under this service is nicely settled and considerably useful for the customers during crisis conditions. Business offers 24/7 aid to customers to get clarified their questions and uncertainties or to submit needed directions regarding their paper. Spot result for the posts, sometimes may take 3-5 minutes postponement, is a good facility of the service to its customers and which also allow them to create more long-term clients.

Turnaround time

Declare a turnaround time to get a dissertation isn’t a simple task. To supply a complete dissertation with plagiarism free and carried through with quality contents within a brief period is a real challenge for just about any service. Here, the turnaround time is fixed as 2-4 days using a payment of $40 per page of an undergraduate amount dissertation. It is $45 and $50 for masters and PhD respectively for exactly the same. The secret behind the successful working of this speed service is the hard working of writing board existing in the company. This useful option from the firm giving chance for customers to ensure deadline though it stays few days to finish.

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