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This notice is as a result of reviews we’ve received from many of the readers who assert that they have been victim of fraud / cheated / defrauded / provided with inferior quality of essay writing services. Even if their customer support is working flawlessly and promptly, the essay writing servicesthat they deliver doesn’t match clients conditions. It has made many readers to post reviews/comments on to assist others to legibly use such websites.

Owing to this, we recommend you to carry on your hunt for finding a best writing firm that does not have this warning messages and reviews and is actively reviewed by its customers in comments section.

The pages where you could find tips on best essay writing businesses which are active in business and may keep your trust are the following:

1. Home page of where you could locate the rating of top 5 best composing businesses around the world (

2. Top 10 Essay writing companies page (

3. Top 10 Research writing companies page (

4. Top 10 Dissertation composing companies page (

We do not entertain any form of unauthentic and private recommendations from the writing business and all our reviews and recommendations just adhere to the readers and users reviews/comments of the companies they have used.

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No. of years of expertise

This business was set up by Tonia Walls, a custom writing professional since 1998 and thus the company needs to understand well about the working approach in the industry. charging a fee of $15/page for 7 days deadline also it isn’t a large number when compared with other essay writing services.

Customer Support

It’s very bad customer service process existing in the business site. There is no security on the support a customer can get from the service. There is no live chat option in the web site, which supplies precise communication to the customers, and no telephone number exists. The website provides just sending assistance to the customer if any doubts or questions arouses. Without an obvious customer service system, its customers could have critical problems to get answers for their questions or to give instructions to writers.


Pricing in is normal as in the other essay writing services. The organization takes a fee of $15 per page using a deadline of 7 days for their service. If you want immediate aid to get your paper within a day, then the bill will goes to $30 per page. Any type of revision on the specified paper is free for the customers and customer can have this benefit until he becomes satisfied with the paper.

Response to emails

The service primarily based on the mailing system, which can be the only means to make contact with the business representative. However, it isn’t dependable or safe system to have sufficient aid when needed urgently. This mail based customer support system won’t ensure precise help the customers and hence this becomes among the bad symbols of the business.

Turnaround time supplies rapid service to its customers to satisfy deadline within 24 hours. You can get his finished paper within 24 hours from the service by making a payment of $30 per page. It is the power of the writers to prepare a plagiarism free quality paper within a day by ensuring the deadline.

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