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The copywriting service under this set up is maintained by Micky Stuivenberg, a specialist copywriter, journalist and website editor with a global experience of over fifteen years in the field. She also kept the standing as a member of Web Industry Professionals Association. Primary items included in the service catalog are internet copywriting, content editing and search engine optimization works, web design and care and editing and proof reading. Orderly market research depending on the job details might be the best offer in the service and which will make the information to stand with current company trends.

Customer Support

The customer care system under this service is chiefly on the basis of the e-mail communicating. Interested person can contact Micky Stuivenberg, by giving clear particulars of the endeavor so that you can get answer. There’s her telephone numbers exposed in the website, to make direct dialogue. But she strictly advocates e-mailing if one needs to get a quote on a job also it’s not available over phone as she needs a while to look at the project. One can also contact the service by submitting his details through the form reserved in the web site. Everything is certainly illustrated in the web site that a customer must locate better help from the service.

Pricing offers acceptable prices for the copywriting services. The price is based on hours undertaken to finish the project also it truly is different for the customers from different nations. The fee is fixed at US$80 for the clients from America, Asia & elsewhere on the planet. New customers and big job orders should be deposited 50% of the estimated total price prior to commencing the work. The service offers a reduction if one hires the copywriter to compose, edit or to maintain search engine optimization works for entire web site or for above five pages and articles on the basis of the same issue at same time. There’s a fixed price package deal for hiring web site design, content and search engine optimization in the service.

Responce to Posts has a well committed fast e-mail delivery system for customers. Customers can send any queries through post. The customer care system under this service is chiefly on the basis of the e-mail communicating.

Turnaround Time

We can not called the turnaround time of this business. First step to get in hand with all the service would be to offer clear details regarding your job requirements to Micky Stuivenberg. After making basic study in your project, she’s going to send a quote to you and you must answer regarding your accept of the quote. After the quote accepted, you will receive a email showing the stipulations and invoice for the 50% deposit. You must agree with terms and conditions and also to pay the amount. She’s going to start work in your job and certainly will contact you with a job draft, to be able to get your directions to make any revisions on that. You must generate payment within seven days of the job handover also it really is fourteen days in the event the project is big one.

The methodical method of maintain customer requirements and supply attractive results in the companies and affordable prices for the copywriting services supplies smooth manner for in the copywriting and internet editing business.

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