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Order Essay Now is the business leader in supplying custom-written projects of kinds like custom essay and term paper writing etc. They compose various model papers including custom essays, college term papers, research papers, book reports, MBA essays, executive summaries, dissertations, PhD theses, and research suggestions for college and university students at any given grade. They provide editing, proofreading, and studying services, even for those students who must meet the most exacting academic standards. At, they track all writers working with them quite attentively, and they’re assured in their own academic research and writing abilities. Since they review each request before sending a quote, they’re certain that they will meet or exceed your model research project requirements.

Years of Expertise:

They claim that they are having specialized and experienced writers . All of their contracted writers have excellent English writing and research abilities and most if not all of them are native English speakers. Their company is a BBB participant filed in the state of Illinois, USA. Be insured their friendly and knowledgeable staff will give you immediate, top-quality, and US-based customer support. All answers are personalized to the requirements the student; CustomPapers sales representatives are present or former academic professionals.

Customer Support:

They provide live sales and customer service support .The customer support of this service include telephone, fax, or email 24 hours a day. They even provided the address of the office. You’ll be able to communicate directly with your dedicated, experienced writer to be sure your custom paper or college essay meets your requirements. In this way , it is easy that you keep track of the status of your job even though your deadline is far away.


Custom papers assert that the cost of their papers are are average by comparison to other essay writing websites. Discounts may be available for first-time and high-volume buyers. If among the completed assignments is plagiarized, and it’s your contracted writer’s direct fault, they are going to revise the paper totally free or, in qualifying instances, give a refund. The papers once they prepared are not resold by them.

Answer to Mails:

Their response time for getting the free quote for the custom paper is normally less than 60 minutes. The paper will be E mailed to you personally as an attachment. Throughout the live support hours, their sales representatives track requests and answer promptly to queries and client questions, with overnight questions addressed first part of the morning. They assert that they do not leave you on your own to negotiate with some automated system.

Turnaround Time:

The turnaround time of Custom papers is 12 hours. A turnaround time is indeed brief that it requires a writer to make changes to their own programs, or work overtime, they do raise the cost. Their custom papers are ensured to be original and delivered prior to the deadline. All information that you supply them when you purchase a paper will be remained strictly confidential.

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